What Not To Do When You Have a Cold

When you have a cold -COLD What Not To Do When You Have a Cold

Warning: This post was written while under the influence of a very nasty cold.

As everyone who is human well knows, having a cold makes for a very unpleasant few days. But, I’ve come to realize that doing certain things can make that cold even more miserable, turning you into a disgusting pile of yuck.

I’ll get right to the point…

To begin with, you should really try very hard not to get a cold when you are pregnant, especially on your first trimester. Talk about feeling like an out-of -control train wreck. Not only are you nauseous and sick all day, but you have sticky mucus coming out of every orifice in your face, and that chronic headache has now been amplified about ten-fold.

Next, do not go to bed without a towel on your pillow. We’re talking drool central all over that nice clean pillow case. You can only turn it over so many times, know what I’m saying? Quadruple¬†gross.

Do not schedule any activities that involve being with other people, especially with those you don’t know very well. You will inevitably feel that thick yellow goober creeping up your throat as you are trying to make some very important conversational point. You will just have to either swallow it, or run off to cough it out behind a bush somewhere. Yeah, most¬†embarrassing.

Stay home to eat. If you attempt to go to a restaurant, you will just find yourself grossing out everyone around you with your constant nose-blowing. You will have to blow and blow because otherwise you won’t be able to breathe while you eat. You will also look very strange sitting there with your mouth open trying to gasp for air.

Well, these are some of the main things that I have found not to do while you have a cold. The best thing is tro try and stay secluded until things clear up and you can face society once again.

Feel better! I hope I will too… Meanwhile, I am the blob on the couch, sequestered from the outside world.

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