TV Talk: The Bachelor Week 3 – Loonie Kacie Goes Home

TV Talk: The Bachelor Week 3 -

Leslie Sean TV Talk: The Bachelor Week 3   Loonie Kacie Goes Home

This post is for those mommies that watch The Bachelor and aren’t ashamed to admit they like mindless reality shows!

Anyway, so what did you think of last night’s episode? The theatrics are really starting early this season and it’s getting interesting!

First we had that annoying and odd drama queen, Tierra, fall down the stairs and pretend she was hurt to get Sean’s attention.

Then, Kacie threw us for a loop and went coo-coo on poor Sean ranting on about how two of the other girls have too much tension among them. The weird thing is how she made it sound that the issues between Desiree and Amanda (which weren’t even that much of a big deal) affected her and put her in a bad place, (huh??) Sean actually went as far as calling her a “crazy person.” Yep, you knew right there and then she was doomed!

Needless to say, she was promptly sent home, as Sean washed his hands off her by taking her aside during the rose ceremony. He nicely told her he would spare her the humiliation of not getting a rose in front of the others. Oh, yeah, and that they are better off as friends. Ouch!

Meanwhile, Sean had a great date with Lesley M. at the Guinness World of Records in Hollywood and they even broke the record for Longest On-Screen Kiss. Yep, the two lovebirds awkwardly stuck their lips together in front of a large curious crowd for over three minutes!

Lastly, Sean found himself getting serious with yet another one of the girls when he got to know AshLee. He said he loved how compassionate she was and her different personality made him take notice. So, there goes yet another girl he “could fall in love with!”

Well, looks like Sean literally has his hands full as he seems to be mesmerized by half the girls at the Bachelor Mansion and it’s only the 3rd week!

Check out the funny recap below to get more scoop from The Bachelor Week 3 episode!

Who do you think is better for Sean so far? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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