TV Talk: ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers – Chris Harrison Teases Combustible Situation

‘Bachelor’ Spoilers – 

Chris Harrison TV Talk: Bachelor Spoilers   Chris Harrison Teases Combustible Situation

A big combustible situation is heading for The Bachelor! At least that’s what  the host of the popular dating reality show, Chris Harrison revealed in some new Bachelor spoilers.

On a video from the Associated Press, Chris talks about Sean’s personality dynamic and how it is affecting the behavior of the girls. He explained that every date that Sean goes on he ends up really liking the girl he is with, and he is building strong relationships with many of the contestants.

With all these seemingly serious relationships blossoming, things are going to begin blowing up as Sean inevitably begins to bid farewell to many of them, on his  quest to find “the one.”

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So, of course, things are only going to get more dramatic and fun to watch for us Bachelor junkies, and we can’t wait to see it all unfold!!! Bring on the theatrics, the tantrums and the breakdowns, this crazy show just never gets boring!

Check out the video below to see Chris explain it all and to preview some new Bachelor spoilers coming up next week:

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