Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

When you first have a baby, it can be hard to know what things you will use and need the most. There are so many baby items out there, and if you’re a newbie parent it can get overwhelming.

When we first had our daughter, we had no idea about babies and baby products, so thankfully we got lots of advice and useful gifts from friends and the baby shower. However, a few months into parenthood, we started to notice the things that we really used and came in handy, and those that were completely useless.

Of course, every family is different and will find use in different items. However, in general there are those indispensible items that most parents will find to be of great use time after time.

In our experience we have found that the most helpful and useful baby items for our litlte girl were these:

Swaddling Sak Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items: A thoughtful baby shower guest gave us a fluffy and soft swaddling sak that at first we admittedly did not know what to do with. But, after numerous people told us to keep swaddling the baby even after we brought the baby home, we tried the sak out. It seemed constricting, but amazingly our baby loved sleeping all bounded up. If we put her down without wrapping her tightly up, she would not sleep! This definitely gave us hours of sound sleep in those first few months as new parents.
 Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby ItemsBouncer Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items: This item is great for putting the baby anywhere in the house so you can keep her close to you. I used to do my DVD workouts while my daughter sat nearby in her bouncer watching with confused interest and then tended to fall asleep for her nap about halfway through. Bouncers are light and easy to carry around, plus they are comfortable for the baby too.

 Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Multiple Burp Cloths Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items: These are indispensable when feeding and burping the baby. It’s best to buy these in packs and keep them all over the house as you will most likely be in need of one at various times throughout the day. The ones made of terry cloth are the best at absorbing those liquid burp ups!

 Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Diaper Caddy Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items: This was used so much, that by the time we were done with diapers, the caddy was literally falling apart! It did its job well, though. The caddy is simply a nifty portable box with a handle and different compartments for all the diaper necessities. In it we kept diapers, rash cream, a changing pad, wipes, nail clippers, bulb syringes etc… and took it around with us to whichever room in the house we were with the baby. This made it super easy to change the baby at a moment’s notice without having to go into the nursery each time the baby needed a change (which was like every 10 minutes, or so it felt!!).

 Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Uncomplicated Clothing Items, ie Onsies Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items: The timeless onsie is the easiest clothing item to open and close when doing diaper changes. Al those pants and skirt outfits are very cute, but in the end I found myself dressing the baby in the simple onsies all the time because they were the easiest to take on and off multiple times a day for those diaper changes. We had the short onsies for warm days and the long legged ones for colder days. Trust me, when you have to constantly change diapers you want to find the fastest and easiest way to do it, and simple clothing that’s easy to take off is the easiest way!

 Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

Ok, there you have it! I hope these have come in handy if you are a first time parent with a baby. You will most likely find ways to make things easy for yourself that also fit your lifestyle best. But, it always helps to see what other parents have discovered for themselves too. I I, myself, Googled all kinds of baby stuff when I was home with my baby those first few months, and other moms’ ideas and tips helped me that much more!

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are 100% my own. However, the post contains several affiliate links that could result in a few cents commission if they result in a purchase.

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