Thursday’s Link List

Thursday’s Link List -

Thursdays Links Thursdays Link List

For today I found some great blog post links as well as other goodies that I think you’ll find worth checking out.

Here are the links for this Thursday, I hope you like them and find at least some of them useful and or entertaining!

The Bloggess blog - This is a hilarious blog by Jenny Lawson, a writer and blogger with a very unique sense of humor.

Imperfect Mommy┬áblog – This is a great blog, full of mom humor that we can all relate to. It is written by two mommies, who lead very imperfect lives, but make the best of it. Their stories will surely resonate with all you moms out there and give you some giggles along the way.

Swag Bucks – If you are on the internet a lot, you can actually earn prizes for searching online! Click on the banner below to read about Swag Bucks. You earn points for searching and then you can win prizes such as Amazon gift certificates. It’s free to join!! I am trying it out and so far it’s been really easy to earn points.

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Landscapes 2.0 - This site features some super awesome photos of incredible landscapes. Viewing them is a great way to distress, daydream and get inspired.

Amazing Data – This is a blog that has all kinds of odd, bizarre and cool photos and stories. There are some really neat photos of all kinds of crazy stuff. Definitely worth a look!


 Thursdays Link List

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