Thursday’s Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling

March 14, 2013 in Education, Parenting, Parenting Tips, Pregnancy, Thursday's Links by Anna Sanclement

Thursday’s Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling -

Thursdays Links Thursdays Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling

Here are the links I found for today’s Thursday’s Link List. Again, I have more pregnancy sites for you! But, I also have others, such as a fun link to a report about UFOs seen in Florida!

Check them out:

Babycenter - Now that I’m pregnant I search the net often for information on all types of baby related stuff. Plus, when I have questions about doctor things, like the genetic blood screenings or ultrasounds, I am always checking on the Internet. So, one site that I regularly go back to is Babycenter.

Here you can chat with other moms, read questions and answers from other mom-to-be’s and read up on all kinds of pregnancy related things. They have fun sections with baby names, calendars and games, plus guides to baby gear, deals, videos and much more.

So, if you’re pregnant, are trying to get pregnant or have small kids, this is a great site for you to check out.

Babiesonline – Another great baby site! This one I recently discovered, and while it has a lot of similar info as Babycenter, they have their own unique content as well. One of the fun features they offer is a personalized fact sheet that gives you a bunch of milestone dates your baby will reach.

babiesonline Thursdays Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling

You enter the baby’s birth or due date and they give you the date he/she will graduate, get a driver’s license, etc… and it also gives you things like their birthstone and flower, zodiac sign, and such. It’s fun!

UFO Sitings? – That’s right! Some people in Marion County, Florida have ben seeing UFOs flying around… Apparently, some objects resembling military-style aircraft were spotted over the skies around Ocala, the odd thing is that officials are saying that the mystery aircraft are not from the US Military.

A Navy spokesperson has revealed that the military does not conduct any operations in the Ocala National Forest at the time of the morning the UFOs were seen. Plus the Air Force base in Tampa has also said it is not performing any drills in that area.

Residents claim that the objects they’ve seen resemble helicopters flying in formation with a big airplane, and that they’ve last seen them between 2:00 and 3:00 am.

Normally, when odd aircraft are seen flying around, the first thing officials tell the publuc is that they are military. So, the fact that they are denying these as such is quite interesting, no?

Great Unschooling Site – If you are into the unschooling way of homeschooling, you’ll love this site! The website is from the unschooling publication Home Education Magazine. It is packed with information relating to all aspects of unschooling as well as homeschooling.

Unschooling Thursdays Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling

There you’ll read about good books for kids and parents, as well as tons of resources such as book and product reviews, videos and a list of great unschool blogs. Great site to check out if you are a homeschooling family.

Okay, there it is, Thursday’s Link List… I hope you found a couple (or all) to be of some use!


 Thursdays Link List: Pregnancy sites, UFOs and Unschooling

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