Thursday’s Link List: Mom arrested, handmade bath products

Thursday’s Link List: Mom arrested, handmade bath products -

Thursdays Links Thursdays Link List: Mom arrested, handmade bath products

Mom Arrested for Biting Her Child: This is an article on Cafemom about a mom who got arrested for biting her som when she was disciplining him for biting another child. Now, I, myself, don’t think punishment that causes pain really works in the long run, but I also believe that every parent should discipline their child as they see fit.

Ok, I don’t mean physically abuse the child, there are obviously boundaries in what’s discipline and what’s abuse. But, if a parent decides to spank his child, or bite him in order to show him how it feels that’s their choice to make, and not a security officer’s, or policeman’s. Anyway, if you like, just read the story in the link and see what you think about it…

School of Wash Handmade Bath Products: This is a great site that sells homemade bath products for the whole family. It is family run, and the stuff they sell is awesome. I did a review a while back for them, and got a few body lotions from them. They smell wonderful, are very silky on the skin, and are homemade with all natural ingredients. Highly recommended products!

Lifescript: This is a great site that offers all kinds of information for women, from exercise, to eating well, recipes, sleep advice, pregnancy and parenting tips, and so much more. They also have a great section on diet and fitness where you can find a bunch of different workouts. A definite go-to site for all kinds of health and wellness information.

Smash Book Video: This is a video that’s part of a series which shows how a “smash booker” decorates the pages of her Smash Book. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I have gotten into smash booking lately (or scrapbooking) after I bought a Smash Book to keep stuff in, write lists in, and put some reference material.

Anyway, to get inspired I searched for videos on YouTube that give ideas on how to Smash book, and to my surprise there are tons! But, the ones that got my attention and I love watching are these titled Smash Book Start to Finish. These show how the creator does each page in her book and they are divided into parts. Each part shows a different page of her book. What I love is how much creativity she has and how she puts it all together.

Anyway, if you’re into this sort of stuff, just watch one of the videos below, it really is mesmerizing to watch how this person creates her book pages!


workbooks 728x90 Thursdays Link List: Mom arrested, handmade bath products Thursdays Link List: Mom arrested, handmade bath products

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5 Responses
  1. Annabelle says:

    I’ll have to check out school of wash. A friend of mine who made my favorite lotion bar decided not to continue and I’m so bummed (but also on the lookout for a replacement now)!
    Annabelle recently posted…National Marketing Directors For Ben Swann Full DisclosureMy Profile

  2. Juliana RW says:

    thanks for sharing in here the stories. So sad to hear about kid being bitting with their own parents :((
    Juliana RW recently posted…BoltMy Profile

  3. Ooh…I need to check out LifeScript. (ANd I probably need to not bite my son.) lol
    Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas recently posted…The New HALO® SwaddleChange: It’s Not Weird. {4/21}My Profile

  4. Thank you for shout out!!! Hope your little angel is doing well.

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