Thursday’s Link List: Cute Animals, Scrapbook Stuff

March 21, 2013 in Education, Entertainment, Shopping, Special Offers, Thursday's Links by Anna Sanclement

Thursday’s Link List: Cute Animals, Scrapbook Stuff - 

Thursdays Links Thursdays Link List: Cute Animals, Scrapbook Stuff

Happy Thursday everyone! Wow, it’s the end of the week already… It just flies by, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here is the link list for today! I hope something will strike your fancy, if not, at least I think you’ll find the cute animal video worthwhile!!

Did You Know: For those that love to learn stuff, or read about facts, know history etc. this is a great site. It’s full of interesting things and information and not only on educational material, but there are plenty of fun things as well as trivia, funny lists and odd news. Check it out!

Cute Animal Video: This is a super adorable video that features a bunch of cute animals! There are kittens, puppies, rabbits, chicks, you name it! There are tons of cuties that you just have to see for yourself. Check out the YoutTube video below!

Amazon’s Easter Shop: To get some great variety and deals on Easter stuff check out Amazon’s Easter page. There you can get all kinds of things related to this Holiday, including some great deals. There are also Easter ideas, baskets, clothing, and much more!

Scrapbooks Etc.: This is a website from the Homes & Gardens network which focuses on everything to do with Scrapbooking and crafts. Now that I got hooked into this scrapbooking stuff with my new Smash Books, I’ve been researching for some good sites to get ideas and stuff from.  So, Scrapbooks Etc, is an awesome site that offers all types of ideas, tips and even some free printables that you can use on your books. I highly recommend it!!


 Thursdays Link List: Cute Animals, Scrapbook Stuff

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