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Inspirational Photo Monday: Underwater Coral Plant

Inspirational Photo Monday: Underwater Coral Plant - Let’s start the day with a beautiful underwater coral plant, shall we? That’s what I found for this week’s Inspirational Photo Monday… Underwater pictures are always so calming and pretty, aren’t they? Hopefully this will help get you off to a good start this week. I am not sure what kind of coral this is, but it is so pretty and intricate, almost like an old tree in a fantastical forest. It’s not very colorful, but it looks so whimsical! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful and productive week, as well as a good [ ... ]

Inspirational Photo Monday: Gorgeous Beach Scene

Inspirational Photo Monday: Gorgeous Beach Scene - I love wintery scenes, but I know many of you have probably had your fill of cold weather… So, I thought I would share this awesome photo of a beautiful beach scene for Inspirational Photo Monday! This beautiful beach scene is called Langebaan Lagoon 3 and is located at the West Coast National Park in South Africa. I hope it helps start your Monday off on a good note and with lots of inspiration! __________________________________________ Pin It

Inspirational Photo Monday: Jal Mahal – Surreal Palace in the Water

Inspirational Photo Monday: Jal Mahal – Surreal Palace in the Water - The Jal Mahal is a beautiful Indian palace in Jaipur City that is halfway submerged into the middle of Man Sagar Lake. I just thought that the photo looked so surreal, like something you’d see in a fantasy movie like Chronicles of Narnia, or the Hobbit. It is an image that inspires dreams and I would think would be a nice one to look at when wanting to get one’s creative juices going, especially when writing. Anyway, that is my inspirational photo Monday find for this week. I hope you like [ ... ]

Hanging Out With Dora’s Little House

Hanging Out With Dora’s Little House¬†- Here is Emma hanging out on a rainy Friday afternoon playing with her new Dora’s little house. She’s been really into the Dora’s dollhouse lately, because she saw a cute movie on YouTube with two girls playing with a big Dora’s house from Fisher Price… So, she’s been playing with Dora’s little house and watching the movie over and over for days now…. Needless to say, Emma is getting the big Dora dollhouse next week…. Just like the one in the movie she keeps watching. Luckily, my husband had an Amazon gift certificate from a while ago [ ... ]

Inspirational Photo Monday – Mountains and Lakes

Inspirational Photo Monday – Mountains and Lakes –¬† For this week’s inspirational photo I found this amazing landscape from Picture Planet to start up your Monday. How peaceful would it be to be floating on a canoe in that lake, or to sit on a lounger right by the shore reading a good book? Well, we can gaze at the photo and day dream for a while before digging into Monday’s work load… If anything it should leave you relaxed and ready to start your week. I hope you have great, stress-free and fulfilling one! __________________________________________ Pin It

Wordless Wednesday: Sitting at the Restaurant

Wordless Wednesday time again! Today we have a photo of Emma sitting at the restaurant like a big girl playing with the iPhone! While sometimes we still put her in a highchair or booster, if we sit in a booth we let her sit with us like a big girl and she loves it! But, I have to admit, that if she’s in an energetic mood, we always end up calling for the highchair, because she always stays put without complaining… of course, there is always the iPhone, which works wonders to keep her calm and seated! Pin It

Wordless Wednesday: Airplanes!

Emma loves airplanes so she was completely thrilled and beside herself when we took her to the airport’s runway viewing area to see a bunch of them land and take off. She had a blast! Pin It

Wordless Wednesday: My two cuties

For this week’s Wordless Wednesday I am posting a photo I took of my two cuties, Emma and her papa. Wordless cuteness! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Cute Photo Sunday: Having Fun in a Box

Yes, I know, there is no such thing as a Cute Photo Sunday Blog post, but I thought I would do one anyway… I thought this photo was too cute not to post, so here it is! Cute Photo Sunday! Emma having fun in her box. If I find a cute photo each Sunday I will post it, maybe I can start a trend!

Wordless Wednesday post: Me, my girl and all our junk

If you are familiar with blogs, especially mom blogs, then you’re probably aware of Wordless Wednesdays. WWs are when bloggers post a photo, which is usually not accompanied by any words, on, of course, Wednesdays. Although, many of these posts do have some words now, and they can still be part of Wordless Wednesday. Anyway, in light of WWs, here is my post for today. I felt that this photo was perfect to post today, as it very much sums up my daily life: Me carrying as much crap as I can to reduce the amount of trips from one room to [ ... ]