Smash Book – Cool Finds Tuesday

Smash Book – Cool Finds Tuesday -

Smash Book covers 1024x764 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

I was never really into scrapbooking before – well, actually I didn’t really know what scrapbooking was, to be honest – until I found these awesome Smash Books Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday! I love these things now!

The way I stumbled into Smash Books is kind of odd… I was watching this new show on the CW called Cult, where the main character has this hand decorated notebook filled with different drawings, facts and info. This reminded me of a cute spiral-bound sticker book I had when I was little that I decorated with all kinds of drawings, written snippets, etc… And, this is what led me to search for some kind of blank notebook that I could use to personalize and put in all kinds of cute and fun stuff.

Smash Book 2 1024x764 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

So, I discovered these super cute and original Smash Books. They are like a scrapbook, but they come already set up with all kinds of stuff like colorful designed pages, pockets and a fat pen that doubles as a glue stick. Plus, you can get all kinds of accessories for them, such as stickers, themed notes, blank designed notes, stickies, extra pockets, clips, decorated tape, and so much more.

You can use the books for whatever you want; to make personalized photo albums, travel journals, memento keepers, memory books, whatever! I want to use mine to put all kinds of information and photos on subjects like astronomy, history, important facts, reference material, etc… and use cute decorations to make it more fun to look through.

This is what I’ve done so far with my Smash Book:

Smash book astronomy 1024x764 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

I will put some memorabilia type stuff as well, but I wanted to make the book useful and not something I put together and then throw on a shelf to collect dust… I want to be able to go back to it all the time when I want to check on something, say, like what the distance is from the moon to Earth. I am also going to put in things like recipes, measurement equivalents, exercise charts, etc… I think it will be lots of fun to put together! I did one page with astronomy stuff already, and it came out pretty good, and I really enjoyed making it.

Anyway, if you like to scrapbook, and/or keeping your favorite things in a cute book that you can decorate with all kinds of whimsical stuff, then you should get a Smash Book for yourself!! They come in several different themes, so you can pick the one (or ones) that fit you best.

Smash Books open 1024x764 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

They are not expensive, and are available at your local crafts store and also at Amazon Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday. Each Smash Book retails for about $12-13, and you can sometimes find them for $10, depending on the style.

Or, you can get this good deal from Amazon, where you get TWO Smash Books Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday and a bunch of accessories for only $24.43!

 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday
K&Company Smash Folio Kit Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

Happy Smashing!!


 Smash Book   Cool Finds Tuesday

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  1. What a cute idea it seems a bit easier that dragging out all the scrapbook supplies I’ve accumulated.
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted…Freebie – Calling All Pet Owners Download This eBook Free March 6-8, 2012My Profile

  2. mitchelle says:

    Wow these are really cool. The Smash Book could be used for portfolio as well.
    mitchelle recently posted…Life Starts at Forty-liciousMy Profile

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