More Valentine’s Day Crafts and Food Ideas

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Food Ideas -

Valentines Crafts More Valentines Day Crafts and Food Ideas

Since my earlier posts on Valentine’s Day crafts ideas have been quite popular, I thought I’d throw in some more ideas for you. February 14th is fast approaching, so for those of you scrambling for ideas on what to do or make, here are a few more suggestions.

Since I am not the craftiest of moms, I searched around for some cool Valentine’s Day crafts from reputable sources that know what they are doing. So, I found some really awesome ideas in Parenting magazine that I used for these ideas here. Plus, I went back to the always reliable Pinterest to get some more as well.

These are most fun when done together with your kids, giving you a family fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day.

1. A Pom-Pom Floral Arrangement – Get some pink, red and white yarn. To make each pom-pom flower, take one of the yarns and wrap it around your hand until you have a pretty think loop. Take it off your hand and tie a 10-inch piece of the yarn tightly around the center of the loop. Cut through the loops and shake the pom-pom out until it is all fluffed out. Trim the edges to get the pom-pom to the size you want. Repeat these steps with the other colors of yarn until you have about 10-20 pom-poms (depending on how large you want your arrangement). Then, use some glue to attach each pom-pom to a long stick (such as a wired felt stick you can get at a craft store, or even thin branches from your backyard), Voilá! You have your Valentine’s floral arrangement  Place in a pretty vase and display anywhere in the home.

2. Pom-Pom Valentine’s Cuties – You can use the same technique above to make a few pom-poms. Then, get some small plastic wiggle eyes, and small felt wire from the craft store, to make the poms into little creatures. Glue the eyes on the pom-poms and make feet and antennae out of the felt wire. You can also use thick pieces of felt fabric to make the feet. Another idea is to make cute Valentine’s worms by sticking 4 or more pom-poms together, the possibilities are endless!

3. Pink Ice Cream Sandwiches – Scoop some strawberry ice cream and sandwich it between two soft chocolate cookies. Roll them over some pink, white and red sprinkles and wrap with white, pink or red parchment paper. Tie a red ribbon or string around the parchment paper. You can also use icing or marshmallow cream instead of the ice cream for more long-lasting sandwiches.

4. Pink Popcorn – Place some pink candy melts in a microwavable dish and microwave for about a minute. Stir the candy to make sure it is all melted and pour over a bowl of popcorn. Mix well until the melted candy is evenly spread around the popcorn. Cool for 5 minutes to allow candy to harden and serve. Eat while watching a cute and mushy Valentine’s worthy movie.

And here are some more Pinterest ideas for you (click on each photo to find the instructions – you’ll be taken to Pinterest and from there click on the photo again to go to the source):

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Source: via on Pinterest

Do You Have any Valentine’s Day crafts you want to share? Leave me a comment below with your ideas!

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