Jacquie Lawson Animated Electronic Greeting Cards Review

Jacquie Lawson Animated Electronic Greeting Cards Review.

Jacquie Lawson site1 Jacquie Lawson Animated Electronic Greeting Cards Review

If you have a computer and know a few people with birthdays or any other kind of special event, chances are you’ve sent an electronic greeting card at some point.

It is so easy to sign in to an Internet card site, just fill in the information an hit send.

But, you may not have experienced just how much fun it can be to send and receive an electronic card from the Jacquie Lawson E-card website. Not only are the cards beautifully crafted, but they are animated too.

Each card is like a little tale that you get lost watching. They are so adorably detailed and come with the perfect music to match. I find myself looking for any kind of special event just so I can send a card out!

I’ve admittedly even sent a couple to myself as a little treat!

All the cards are available for preview on the site without a membership. And if you decide you want to send one, or more, you can become a member for just $12 a year, or $18 for two years. Once a member you have no limits as to how many cards you can send.

So, now that Mother’s Day is approaching, you can surprise all your mommie friends with a cute card from Jacquie Lawson, the ones they have for our special day are absolutely beautiful, and so cheerful too! There is also a big selection of Mother’s Day cards, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for each mom you know.

Then, for Christmas, they have special Advent Calendars that include a little animated Holiday scene for each day of the month in December. These are only $3.00, a well worth it price that will give a friend or family member enjoyment for the whole December month and even beyond.

You can check out this amazing site and sign up for it over at JacquieLawson.com. You’ll be glad you did!

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for this post and there are no affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I simply wrote the review because I truly like Jacque Lawson.

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