Improvising is a Handy Must When Raising Children

As any parent can attest, raising children can bring on lots of troubleshooting and answer searching to solve problems and avert ear-splitting tantrums. So, improvising really comes in handy and helps save lots of trouble when it comes to small kids.

Here is an incident in which my own on-the-moment improvisation came in really handy with my 4-year-old:

Emma: I want to wear Hello Kitty shirt!

Me: You can wear it tomorrow, ok? it is in the laundry right now.

Emma: Nooooo!!! (pulling off the shirt I was putting on) Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty!!!!

Me: It’s dirty, Emma, you can’t wear it… look this is the shirt your favorite uncle gave you, remember? Your cousin has the same one…

Emma: Uaaaaaaaauaaaaaa!!!! I want Hello Kitty!!! Helloo Kitttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Me: (Thinking fast and getting a crazy idea) Ok, come with me, we’ll get you a Hello Kitty shirt.

So, here is my idea, I didn’t think it would work, but I needed to amuse myself at that point, and the giggles escaping me made me feel much better…

Emma Hello Kitty shirt4 e1353358579515 764x1024 Improvising is a Handy Must When Raising Children

So, here it is, an improvised Hello Kitty shirt!

I pinned her Hello Kitty plushie to the shirt, and voila! Problem solved!

She actually loved it and wore the thing all day. I have a feeling I will be pinning Hello Kitty to many shirts from now on…

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