Improvising is a Handy Must When Raising Children

November 19, 2012 in Children's Clothes, Children's Play, Fashion and Clothes, Humor, Parenting, Parenting Tips, Photos, Tips for Moms by Anna Sanclement

As any parent can attest, raising children can bring on lots of troubleshooting and answer searching to solve problems and avert ear-splitting tantrums. So, improvising really comes in handy and helps save lots of trouble when it comes to small kids.

Here is an incident in which my own on-the-moment improvisation came in really handy with my 4-year-old:

Emma: I want to wear Hello Kitty shirt!

Me: You can wear it tomorrow, ok? it is in the laundry right now.

Emma: Nooooo!!! (pulling off the shirt I was putting on) Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty!!!!

Me: It’s dirty, Emma, you can’t wear it… look this is the shirt your favorite uncle gave you, remember? Your cousin has the same one…

Emma: Uaaaaaaaauaaaaaa!!!! I want Hello Kitty!!! Helloo Kitttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Me: (Thinking fast and getting a crazy idea) Ok, come with me, we’ll get you a Hello Kitty shirt.

So, here is my idea, I didn’t think it would work, but I needed to amuse myself at that point, and the giggles escaping me made me feel much better…

Emma Hello Kitty shirt4 e1353358579515 764x1024 Improvising is a Handy Must When Raising Children

So, here it is, an improvised Hello Kitty shirt!

I pinned her Hello Kitty plushie to the shirt, and voila! Problem solved!

She actually loved it and wore the thing all day. I have a feeling I will be pinning Hello Kitty to many shirts from now on…

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