Extended Vampire Diaries promo 4×17 Because the Night

Extended Vampire Diaries promo 4×17 Because the Night -

Damon21 Extended Vampire Diaries promo 4x17 Because the Night

The extended Vampire Diaries promo 4×17, Because the Night, was released by the CW late Thursday, (March 14) and by the looks of it, Damon and Elena are going to have themselves a party in New York!

However, while at first it looked like Damon was just going to take Elena to the Big Apple to have some fun, things may not be as they seem… Apparently, Damon is pretending to go along with Elena’s reasoning that he likes her better as a human-snacking emotionless bloodsucker, but he may just be hiding his true feelings on the matter.

He tells Stefan that his trip to New York is really a continued hunt for the cure, and not a human-blood-buffet-spree. So, this would mean that he hasn’t given up on curing Elena, and while he finds her fun without her humanity, I think he really rather see her as the real angst-ridden, but caring teen that she is. So, again, Damon shows us that he really has a soul and just wants the best for Elena, whom he seemingly loves unconditionally.

Plus, I guess he also rather have his GF not adding to the drama by trying to keep killing her best friend, Caroline….

So, as we see in the promo preview, Elena and Damon go out and have a blast in New York getting their dancing and dining all in one spot, and even getting romantic on a rooftop. But, in the background, Damon seems to secretly be working on searching for the cure.

How he plans on doing that in New York, is a mystery. But, Damon’s vampire friend, the one he ripped the heart out of (as an act of mercy?) may hold the connection to the current cure holder, Katherine. And pparently this guy was from New York.

Check out the preview below!

Extended Vampire Diaries promo for Because the Night:

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