3 Easy Meals to Make When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Easy Meals to Make When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking – 

Fish 3 Easy Meals to Make When You Dont Feel Like Cooking

We’ve all been there, in fact I am always there, you don’t feel like spending ours in the kitchen cooking and have no inspiration to cook dinner.

So, here are some tips on how to make easy meals that take no time to prepare and require minimal to no cooking at all.

Easy Meals 1: Mac and Cheese With Chicken Tenders

Get three or four instant microwaveable tubs of mac and cheese (you can get the Kraft brand, or if you like natural and organic try the Annie’s brand) cook them as per instructions, and add some frozen vegetables when you add the water.

For the chicken tenders, get your favorite frozen brand (Natural foods markets, like Whole Foods, have organic and natural versions for those who prefer that) Make them as per instructions, usually by placing them in the oven a few minutes, or even in the microwave.

That’s it. A complete meal in minutes without having to cook anything!

Easy Meals 2: Vegetable Soup and Baked Fish

Get a few bags of your favorite vegetables plus a bag of frozen cut up onions. Cook the vegetables up in the microwave until tender, as per instructions on the bag.

Brown the onions (amounts vary depending on how many servings, but a cup of onions should be good for about 4 servings, more or less) in a skillet with olive oil. Put onions, vegetables, butter, salt (to taste), about 1/2 cup of cream, and your favorite seasonings in a blender and blend until smooth adding some of the water from the vegetables you cooked to get the right consistency.

For the fish, you can use tilapia, grouper, flounder, or any other thinly sliced fresh fish filet. Place in baking sheet or on flat glass tray, and sprinkle with salt, olive oil, a bit of butter, oregano, Old Bay seasoning, or any other seasonings you like. Bake at  425 degrees F for about 10 minutes each side or until flaky.

You can also dip the filets in beaten egg and cover in breadcrumbs before baking, to retain more moisture and make them even more kid-friendly.

Easy Meals 3: Pad Thai with Ground Turkey or Ground Beef

Get a couple of pre-packaged Pad Thai boxes such as A Taste of Thai, or Thai Pavillion brand (they come with rice noodles,  and sauce). Cook them as per instructions (usually a few minutes in boiling water and that’s it). Microwave some frozen vegetables (amounts according to how many servings).

Then, brown the ground beef or turkey in a large skillet with olive oil and salt. Add the cooked noodles, vegetables and sauce into the skillet and continue cooking on low heat for a few more minutes (see package for exact times).

Voilá! Great tasting Pad Thai in minutes.

I hope these easy meals will help you with your busy schedule, I know I’ve used them time and again to get a quick dinner on the table.

 3 Easy Meals to Make When You Dont Feel Like Cooking

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