Child’s Play – I Love My Easily Amused Child!

Once we become parents we quickly realize how important child’s play is. Not only because play is necessary for kids to learn and develop, but also because it gives us that much needed time to do our own thing too.

EmmaChildsPlay Childs Play   I Love My Easily Amused Child!

My easily amused child

In this area I am very glad that I got quite lucky, as my daughter can really amuse herself so easily. She’s definitely an easily amused child, no doubt about it! While I work at home with my writing – and sometimes this can take a big chunk of the day – I can always look over to where my daughter is and see her happily playing along.

The best part is that it doesn’t even take big expensive or complicated toys to keep her amused, but the most simple of things can spark her imagination. She can spend hours of child’s play walking a cane around the living room and inventing new games to use it with. Or she’ll play with a wristwatch making all kinds of clicking noises and then turning it into a passenger to fly in her toy airplane.

It’s amusing just to watch her at play, she’s so entertaining! While it’s great for me she’s so easily amused, it’s also a wonderful thing for her as she grows. Her ability to get involved in her own child’s play so easily, will also help her in the future. She will be more assertive and be alright whether she’s alone or with company.

Fortunately, most kids are able to amuse themselves if given the chance, so it’s a great idea to encourage solo play as well as with playmates (when old enough). Give them a few interesting (and, of course, safe) items and they will surely find tons of games to play on their own!

pixel Childs Play   I Love My Easily Amused Child!
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