Baked Potatoes For Weight Loss: A Great Diet Tool

BakedPotatoWithButter 300x229 Baked Potatoes For Weight Loss: A Great Diet Tool

Using baked potatoes for weight loss can actually be a great tool in your diet arsenal.

Whether you’re trying to lose the baby weight after giving birth, or just find it hard to stick to a diet while busy cooking for your family and kids, this idea will save time and help with weight loss.

I was reading through my email and stumbled upon a newsletter from, which often has great tips and advice on popular topics such as food, diet and health.

Well, they had an article about eating baked potatoes for weight loss that really peaked my interest. I love potatoes and definitely like any tips on losing weight, so I went ahead and read it.

The article was very informative and explained the advantages of eating baked potatoes over the more fattening french fries or rice. There were also some great suggestions for actually turning a baked potato into your main course. It’s so simple!

All you have to do is bake the potato, of course, and then add different toppings to make it a complete meal. One of their suggestions was to add cooked ground turkey, corn, black beans and salsa – yummy!

You could also add a couple of meatballs with tomato sauce, roasted chicken and peas, shrimps and tomatoes, or some organic chicken sausage with broccoli. Drizzle on some olive oil for seasoning and voilá! Those are just a few ideas, but you can really go to town throwing in your own favorite (healthy-ish) toppings!

Not only will you get a healthier dinner, but since you’re putting the ingredients on top of the potato, this will serve as portion control so you don’t eat a huge plate of food, thus saving the extra calories.

Potatoes are naturally high in potassium and also contain fiber and protein. For an even healthier option you can opt for baked sweet potatoes, which have more of both protein and fiber. It really is a great idea to use baked potatoes for weight loss in any diet plan.

This is definitely a tip that I am going to try. Let me know if you have your own ideas for weight loss and making meals healthier and less fattening by dropping me a comment below!

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