6 Easy Exercises for Busy Moms

6 Easy Exercises for Busy Moms -

dumbells1 6 Easy Exercises for Busy Moms

We’re all super busy these days, and if you’re a mom, you probably see yourself as the definition of busy, especially as a new mommy.

I am also sure that everywhere you look, there are news about how important exercise is and how you should be doing some sort of physical activity almost every day. But, how do you find the time to exercise, or, in many cases, the space in a messy home full of kids and toys?

Well, here are 6 very easy exercises, that can be done anywhere and at any time. You can do them separately, or all together for a nice short workout that may even get you sweating a bit.

  1. Squats: These are easy and effective and can be done several ways. One way that I find easy and quick is to do like 50 squats as I wait for something to cook in the microwave. Move at a steady pace, not too fast but not slowly either, this way you get your heart rate up as you do your squats. You can do two or three sets of 50 throughout the day as you see fit. Another way is to do like 2 or 3 sets of 12-15 squats done at a slower pace, or even holding a 5 lb. dumbell on each hand.
  2. Plank: This is a good one to help eliminate those perpetually protruding abdominals… All you do is get in a push up position, either with palms on the floor or on your forearms (try to see which works best for you) and hold your abs tight while you hold yourself in the position by keeping your back in a straight line. Start by holding on in the plank position for 20 seconds and work your way up to one minute or one minute and a half.
  3. Counter push ups: While you are in the kitchen grab the counter and put your feet together at a place where you are forming about a 45 degree angle with the counter. Do about 50 push ups at a moderate pace. You can repeat this a few times a day. Of course, if you get ambitious, you can do the push ups on the floor (with a mat or towel for your knees if you rather do the “girl push-ups”), trying for 10 at first and working your way up.
  4. Lunges: You can do these while watching TV, or when taking a break from the computer, or whatever it is you are doing. All you do is stand with feet together hands on hips (or, for more oomph, holding a pair of dumbells by your sides) and alternate legs stepping forward while bending both knees. Do a total of 50 alternating lunges (25 on each side). Or, you can do slower sets of 12-15 by holding the lunge position down for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Abdominal abductions: This one can be done anywhere, even while seated watching TV. Just sit up straight, breathe in and while you exhale suck in your abdominal muscles (pull in towards spine) as tight as you can, holding it in for about 10 seconds. Repeat 20 or 30 times and do one or two sets a few times a day.
  6. Chair bicep dips: Sit on a chair or sturdy couch holding the edge with your hands. While keeping hands in place, lift butt off chair and dip down as far as you can go, putting all your weight on your arms. Dip up and down 20-30 times (until you can really feel your bicep muscles give in). Repat a 3 or 4 times throughout the day.

If you do these regularly, you should see a difference in your muscle tone and notice more strength. Having more muscle will help rev up your metabolism, so you can burn more calories. Of course, remember to eat well, and keep servings at the right amount. Eat sweets in moderation, and get those vegetables in!

Another thing to keep in mind is to walk as much as you can. Take short walks throughout the day, even if it’s in a parking lot of a supermarket. Park far from the door so you can get extra steps. Taking the baby for walks around the neighborhood is also an excellent way to increase your steps.


 6 Easy Exercises for Busy Moms

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6 Responses
  1. Katie says:

    This is a great easy list of exercises I can do throughout the day. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Thanks for the tips! These are perfect for my busy day.
    Melissa Moreno recently posted…Living with HypothyroidismMy Profile

  3. Jenn says:

    Great advice. Now only if I get my lazy butt away from the computer and do it!
    Jenn recently posted…Nature’s Flavors Organic Mouthwash for kids #ReviewMy Profile

  4. Garf says:

    I am lazy about doing exercises but this time I have to because I gained a lot of weight during a four month long festive vacation. Thanks for the tips!
    Garf recently posted…Be the FIT girl of Fashion with Ellie Active WearMy Profile

  5. Pam says:

    Thanks, these come just at the right time for many of us. I just started walking again today.
    Pam recently posted…The Thaw Of Winter Is Finally Over!My Profile

  6. I love lunges and squats because I can do them while holding baby. I really need more plank time!
    Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas recently posted…Promote Responsibility with Free Online Chore Charts for KidsMy Profile

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