10 Best Excuses For Moms to Avoid Volunteer and Other Duties

So Sorry 10 Best Excuses For Moms to Avoid Volunteer and Other Duties

We’ve all been there, the daunting task of having to volunteer for something you have no desire whatsoever to take part in. Let’s face it, chances are you just wanted to say “NO!” when Timmy’s mom, whom you just met last week, enlisted you to be the cupcake baker for her son’s birthday party. But, you said “yes” anyway because you didn’t want to seem like the bad mommy…

Well, problem solved, here I offer up the 10 best excuses for moms so they can get out of whatever they are trying not to get roped into by demanding neighbors, other moms, PTA members, whatever.

Now, let’s not all get huffy-puffy and pretend that we are always ready and willing to say yes to any volunteering activity, and just be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, or maybe even all the time, we just want to be left alone and not bothered by unappealing and time-hogging activities. We are all just very busy moms, after all.

So, here goes, some great excuses that are sure to get you out of any unwanted activity, without any guilt or looking like the neighborhood’s antisocial mommy.

  1. Your child has desert-monkey fever.
  2. You have the squirts and can’t keep anything down, your stomach bug is very contagious.
  3. Both your kids have kleptomaniac school on the day they need you and them to volunteer for the community gift-giving event.
  4. Your doctor suggested you stay away from people until the origin of your skin rash is determined.
  5. Your shrink suggested that until your mysterious pyromaniac tendencies dissipate you shouldn’t get near fire hazards. You’ll have to decline on your baking duties for the next few PTA meetings…
  6. You rather not have the monthly kids’ sleep-over at your house because you don’t want to expose the children to your visiting brother-in-law, who’s very odd and likes to stare.
  7. You’d love to volunteer as the neighborhood’s school car pool driver. But, your child had a vomiting incident in the backseat of your car, due to his desert-monkey fever, and the stench is really unbearable…
  8. Your new budget does not allow for any extra activities. You’ll be sure to let them know when your financial situation improves.
  9. You can’t make it to the fundraiser because you’ll be visiting your in-laws whom you haven’t seen since the ill-fated, life-threatening operation.
  10. Or if all else fails, you can just be honest and tell them that, hell, you just don’t feel like it, dammit! (But, I suggest you use any of the above excuses before resorting to this one…

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