Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Eat lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta casserole, and pies, cakes, chocolate and anything else that may have been at your reach on this day of eating way too much! Now, we are ready for Christmas!!!

Christmas planner decorating with my planner kit supplies

In my ever growing Filofax – planner – planner supplies obsession, I have subscribed to a few planner kits just to make sure I have enough super-cute things to make my Filofax planner look its best. Of course, a few of these subscription kits have included some awesome Christmas supplies for their November and December kit mailouts. So, what else is there to do with them than throw oneself into a few minutes (or hours) of planner decorating bliss? For those of you who are planner addicts and/or who love cute and lovable stickers, sticky notes, clips and all kinds of overly-cute supplies, you know just what [ ... ]

The one where I wrote a book

Okay, so I wrote a book once. Yes I did, it was years ago and no one really knows the book exists, but I did write it. And finished it. And published it. Well, it was one of those self-publishing deals, but still, I did it. Anyway, so I wrote this whole 279 page thing, on my own, in a few months, and had fun doing it. I had wanted to write a book for a long time and I finally decided to do something about it. If anything, it was to prove to myself that I could do it. I am [ ... ]

New planner kit from Paper Addict is here!

As if I didn’t have enough planner kits, I got yet another one from Paper Addict! I briefly spoke about this on my previous planner supplies caddy post, and said I was waiting for the Paper Addict one to arrive. Well, it’s here!! Yay! Anyway, the kit is full of super cute items, including adorable sticky notes and stickers. Some of the stickies include some cute cloud and leaf shaped ones, and a set of cat notes that can also serve as page markers. There was a cutout thin washi tape that’s really cute and a set of three thin washi [ ... ]

Using the Cocoa Daisy planner inserts in my Filofax

My Filofax inserts from Cocoa Daisy! I subscribed to the Cocoa Daisy planner inserts monthly kit after trying out their full kit because I really liked how the pages were laid out and put together. They are super useful and go perfectly well with the way I do my planning. They are colorful and yet still allow space to add sticker decorations and to stick random sticky notes on them. If you are into planners and planner supplies like I am, you can check out the Cocoa Daisy site to read more info on the kits they offer and subscribe for your own monthly [ ... ]

Special Recipe: Catalan Tomato Bread

Special Recipe: Catalan Tomato Bread - This recipe is a very old staple from Catalunya, Spain and is not very well known outside of the country. But, it is super delicious! It’s called Tomato Bread, or in its native language “Pa amb tomaquet.” Tomato bread is extremely easy to make and requires very little ingredients. All you need are some ripe tomatoes (the small juicy variety work best) olive oil, bread and sandwich meats. For the bread, the types that complement best are either a round mountain sourdough loaf (pictured above), or French bread. There are many different breads you can use and many ways to make this [ ... ]

My planner supply caddy

Since I began my new journey into planner addiction and obsession, I have started to grow quite the collection of planner stickers and decorating items. So, after I ran out of room in my little zippered pouch, I realized that I needed something roomier to put all my treasured goodies. I needed a planner supply caddy! So, after looking on Amazon to see what they had on craft caddies, I realized that I actually had one already. Well, it was being used as a diaper caddy for the living room, so we could change the baby while watching Grimm, or the Vampire Diaries, or [ ... ]

Always Late, Always in a Hurry

Hello. My name is late. And I am always in a hurry. Is this where I sign up for late rehabilitation? Well, not that it will work, because I think my lateness is incurable, as it stems from something bigger.  I think I just have zero concept of time, so I’m always late. Yep, and it’s serious. Anyway, so since there is no hope for me in that department, I thought I’d just accept it and make fun of myself. So, to show how ridiculous I am with my chronic lateness, I’ll describe a typical outing of, let’s say, going to a piano lesson. 3:30:  [ ... ]

Hydracentials Slim and Sporty 16 oz. Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle Review

I am always on the lookout for a great drinking bottle because I love to have an easy and leakproof container I can take with me wherever I go, or even around the house as I work or take care of the kids. My daughter also loves to drink out of a portable bottle, so she can have her water with her when she’s playing, or going out in the car etc… So, the opportunity to review the Hydracentials Slim and Sporty 16 oz. Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle through Tomoson was awesome! The bottle is tall and skinny so it’s easy [ ... ]

Low Back Pain Program Ebook Review

During my last pregnancy I had super-bad low back pain and while it mostly went away after the delivery, I still get the pain a year later. I was given the opportunity to review the Low Back Pain Program ebook through Tomoson, and I thought it would be a great way to find new ways to help my back. I was pleasantly surprised by the ebook as it’s packed with information and different workouts to help lower back pain. I have tried a few of the exercises and tips form the book and they have already helped with reducing the severity and durability [ ... ]